Looking To Move Homes

Upsizing, downsizing or just moving location, we can help you find the loan you need.

With the right loan in place, finding your new home will be easy.

People move house for lots of different reasons. No matter why you’re moving, an iConnect Financial broker can help you understand all the implications and find the right loan to suit your needs.

In most cases, moving from one property to another can be easier than buying your first home. You’ve been able to build up some equity, you have proven you can pay a mortgage, and that means you’re likely to have more choices than you did the first time.

But not everything is straightforward. You’ll need to make some big decisions about when and how to buy your next place, and what to do with your old home.

Three options for buying your next home.

Sell Your Current home before you buy
If you sell your current property before you buy your next property, you’ll always know where you stand financially and will avoid extra expenses like costly bridging loans.

Buy Before You Sell
It’s possible to buy before you sell as long as you know how to go about it. An iConnect Financial broker can show you the best way forward.

Keep Both Properties
Keeping your current property rather than selling it may be a wise move. It could help you to maximise your capital gains in the long term.

Talk to Jump Finance today, and find out which option best suits your needs, bot today and for your future.